What You Can Do With A Religion Degree

What You Can Do With a Religion Degree

When you receive a Religion Degree, you may wonder what types of careers there are to pursue. There are generally several career opportunities that are available for those holding a religion degree. Contrary to common belief that such a degree only avails job positions in churches, mosques and temples, a religion degree may allow several advantages in secular career openings.* Below are some religion degree-related jobs perhaps you may want to choose:

  1. Teaching; this is typically a popular career choice for those who earn a Religion Degree. Whether you choose to teach in junior college or universities, your earnings will generally be determined by your level of education. The courses that these professionals typically teach are religion, philosophy and theology.** As of 2012, teachers holding a Religion Degree earn an average salary of $71,000.***
  2. Religious writing; this is generally a satisfying line of work for several people who have received a Religion Degree. They typically write books, journals and other educational material meant to enrich people spiritually. The median earnings of authors and writers in 2010 were $55,000. Of course, there are several other writers who earn more, depending on their popularity and area of focus. While the job outlook for religious writers is generally positive, their demand for the next ten years is projected to be below the average.
  3. Ordained ministers and preachers; in general, this is one of the most active religion degree-related jobs because it is typically becoming more important for those leading larger congregations to partake in religious studies and training. The job outlook for such positions in ministry is positive and the average salary is $45,000. One may also have to go through further seminary training aside from earning a religion degree.
  4. Non-ordained congregational staff; several individuals holding a degree in religion generally choose to remain un-ordained while still carrying out religious work. They may preach, provide spiritual counselling, and implement administrative, fund raising and other organizational roles. They typically earn less than the ordained clergymen but the spiritual satisfaction is typically fulfilling.
  5. Sales; this generally involves advertising and selling religious materials, such as books and videos. Several publishers prefer to recruit people with a religion degree because it is typically beneficial to have background knowledge about religion while promoting a product or service. The job outlook of individuals in sales is expected to increase and the average salary ranges from $51,000-$70,000.****
  6. Non-governmental organization (NGO); several people who have earned a religion degree find it worthy to work with institutions dedicated to humanitarian work. They may even work overseas on a voluntary basis. Since these positions may be voluntary-based, the average wages vary and are determined by the origination they serve with.  

Having a religion degree does not imply that you only have to carry out spiritual work.  A Religion Degree may give you a great advantage when searching for a career.


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