What Is Divinity School?

What Is Divinity School?

A divinity school is a learning institution offering a post-secondary, theologically-based education to students. While the majority of these students are preparing for careers in the ministry or clergy, some are simply interested in pursuing an academic career.

The quality of instruction at these schools varies, although the majority of these institutions do have accreditation from professional bodies. In fact, they are typically affiliated with a university. Divinity schools offer degrees such as Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Religion, Master of Christian Counseling and more. It is recommended that students interested in studying theology complete the necessary research required in order to choose the school that best fits their needs or interest.

Ministry jobs can be rewarding for some people, as it allows them to earn a living while openly expressing their faith and helping others. Recent graduates of divinity school can find a church in need of a minister position. Religion jobs vary in terms of responsibilities, although assistant and youth minister positions are common for new graduates lacking experience. While most people’s goals is to have their own church, completing years of work under the tutelage of a more experienced minister can help them prepare for the day-to-day management of their own congregation.

There are also divinity schools that emphasize the academic study of theology rather than ministry preparation only. Notable examples of these schools include the Harvard Divinity School and Duke Divinity School. While some graduates from these institutions follow the path into ministry, the majority of them are interested in academic careers as professors and scholars. As such, many of these students complete masters and doctorate degrees in religious studies and go on to teach other students who intend to pursue a career in ministry. 

Finally, there are the divinity schools that are created for the specific purpose of educating clergy from various Christian and other religious denominations. Clergy are ordained ministers who serve as leaders of their respected religions. Common denominations that produce clergy include Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Methodists. Divinity schools that are set up as training centers for clergy are often much more difficult to gain entrance to and require prospective students to meet certain requirements in order for their applications to even be considered.

Anyone who intends to preach, minister, or learn theology may want to study in religious subjects that divinity schools offer. These institutions help educate and develop the religious leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.


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