What Are The Best Christian Schools In the Nation?

What Are The Best Christian Schools In the Nation?

Contrary to popular notion, one doesn't have to sacrifice academic integrity in order to pursue post secondary education at a Christian college or university. In fact, many of the most important places of higher learning originally began as Christian schools and some continue to be religious affiliated institutions today. The Forbes and US News & World Report lists of best colleges include many non denominational and denominational Christian colleges to choose from. Here are some of the best Christian Schools in the nation:

Wheaton College

Wheaton College is a small liberal arts college located in Wheaton, Illinois. It has a well-earned reputation for academic rigor and excellence that has helped to produce some of the best leaders in America today. The college is non denominational and offers several different programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. The proximity to Chicago allows for students to experience the urban atmosphere while still taking advantage of the quality teaching that only a small, private college can offer. 

George Fox University

George Fox is an evangelical affiliated university located in Newberg, Oregon. The university emphasizes global engagement and community service as part of their learning curriculum. In fact, over half of the students at George Fox take advantage of programs which allow for them to study and volunteer abroad in places that are often disadvantaged such as countries in Africa. 40+ majors are available for undergraduates as well as numerous programs for graduates as well.

Covenant College

Covenant is a Presbyterian affiliated college located in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. The curriculum at the school is rooted in the infallible word of God. Regardless of the discipline studied, emphasis is placed on the belief that Jesus Christ is the preeminent spirit in all creation and life. Dozens of programs in both liberal arts and science are available for undergraduates to pursue.

Oklahoma Baptist University

This Baptist school is located in Shawnee, Oklahoma on a 200 acre campus. It has consistently been judged as one of the best Christian schools in the nation since being founded in 1910. Literature, philosophy, and science are studied from a Christian perspective as part of a liberal arts curriculum. 84+ areas of study, as well as opportunities to study abroad, are available for the students.

Calvin College

This Grand Rapids, Michigan based college is a Christian Reformed affiliated institution of higher learning that also emphasizes a global connection through volunteer work and study programs abroad. Over one hundred different programs of study are available to choose from. All coursework is taught from a Christ centric perspective that emphasizes faith, practice, and thought. 


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