Religious Studies Jobs

Religious Studies Jobs

Religious studies is an interdisciplinary field where students are exposed to a number of different subjects including philosophy, religion, history, law and more. By studying within the field, students develop a complex understanding of the cultural, political and social aspects of religion. One may be wondering what kind of religious studies jobs are available.

Grudates from religious studies programs have gone on to careers in everything from business to politics. Those who are committed to working within their own religion or crossing the divide between faiths can work in many different types of environments. Here are some of the most common religious studies jobs:

Youth Minister:  Those who enjoy working with young people may wish to consider a career in this exciting field which allows for one to shape the minds of tomorrow's leaders. As a youth minister, your mission is to foster the spiritual growth of children and teens, as well as assist parents in handling difficult issues that may arise.

Human Rights Activist:  Those who have undergone a spiritual awakening are often more sensitive to the plight of human beings around the world.  Activists are employed by non-profit organizations to assist in aiding disenfranchised communities as well as lobbying governments and businesses to curtail abuse and develop additional services to help the poor, disabled and downtrodden.

Religious Counseling:  Many people feel more comfortable talking about their problems to professionals who share a similar religious view to their own. That's why so many seek out the advice of clergy and ministers in difficult times. Sometimes, however, even the most experienced minister isn't qualified enough to handle a situation. When this happens, couples and individuals alike are often referred to religious counselors, who are essentially social workers. Those who pursue this career generally complete graduate level courses in social work in order to prepare for the job. The purpose of a religious counselor is to help people who are in need by counseling them and getting them access to the services which they require, such as mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Writer:  Religions have always relied on the power of the written word to communicate effectively with those both within the faith and outside of it as well. Today, journalists, novelists, authors, and bloggers all work to promote religion, faith, and understanding through their work, which is either published online or through traditional publishing houses.


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