How to Become a Youth Pastor

How to Become a Youth Pastor

If you feel that teaching young children about the word of God is your calling then becoming a youth pastor is a very good Religion career choice. One can be able to become a pastor without any educational degrees but a pastor with an educational background is much more sought after and can openings in many places.


Career Overview:

The Religion career of a youth pastor involves possessing strong skills like courageous, unwavering devotion to Jesus, rigorous discipline, psychologically strong, smart and highly experienced. He must be a master with good character who can face problems with determination, teach students and other youth with authority and power and be an excellent leader to guide his folks. A youth pastor is similar to a mentor to the youths he works with as he can help them build up their lives and impart spiritual knowledge to them*.


How to become a youth pastor?

There are ways by which one can become a youth pastor and before becoming a youth pastor one requires passion to help the people and the general population. Find out your local church and then try to become a youth leader. Help out with the youth group and gain proper training under a pastor. This training is highly important as it allows one to get to know the local community. Internship at local churches can help improve your knowledge level and experience*.


Educational Requirements:

In order to be a youth pastor educational degrees is not a must. A simple bachelor degree in any subject is sufficient. But a degree which majors in non-theology will have added benefits. It gives Bible training and also experience. A master’s degree can be either an MA or a Master of Divinity from a seminary. A smart youth pastor is one who has skills in studying scriptures and secular culture. Another major fact which must be practiced is that the education should be obtained from a public college in order to broaden your horizon of thinking*.


Work Environment:

The work environment of the youth pastor is mostly in a small closed circle of local people. It is not a luxurious mode of life and requires a number of sacrifices. A pastor can be seen as someone who must travel to places and visit the homes of those who are under his care.  A youth pastor can work along with schools, universities, child care centers, adoption facilities and more. Sometimes the law and enforcement can seek the help of youth pastors to help them with juvenile youths inside the prison.


Salary and Religion Career Outlook:

The salary of a youth pastor depends highly on the youth numbers, prior experience and educational qualifications of the pastor, the knowledge and number of sermons imparted and more. Many churches reach out to the congregation and they build their future numbers by concentrating on the youth of today. There is high demand for the youth pastors as the number of troubled youths increases every day. The median salary of a youth pastor is roughly around $35,000.

These are the ways to become a successful youth pastor.

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