How to Become a Seminary Professor

How to Become a Seminary Professor

If you have the calling to serve the church in the areas of academia, theology or philosophy, then becoming a seminary professor may be your goal after doctoral or Master’s Degree. But why does the church need seminary professors, anyway?


The church, like any other institution and, more importantly, a critical part of the society, will always need insiders with the right knowledge; skill and experience to expand its pastoral capacity. There are many secular universities that offer religious courses with an opportunity for one to be a professor on religious studies. However, most of their programs demand that the professor be an outside view of the church’s history and doctrine. This may be far from what you stand for and; therefore, you may find difficulty in following that path.


An insider religious professor or seminary professor is of great value to the church. He or she helps the church to continue discovering and growing itself through research and capacity building. This individual becomes part of an arm that defines the position of the church on various matters.


Most seminary professors are individuals who have had their days in the field, serving in various capacities. If you seek the path of becoming a seminary professor, you should likewise start to think about doing something in that direction. Remember, your work as a seminary professor, to a larger extent, involves preparing the foot soldiers for the work underground. It augers well if you understand their general work setting.


Of course, this cannot be understood from a classroom alone. Your path to becoming a seminary professor, though challenging, will be better followed through an institution that supports and expounds your beliefs in every aspect. Your pool of choices of the right colleges for your path may seem small, given that the majority of secular universities are not very keen in religious and theological studies, in the traditional sense of it.


However, all hope is never lost. There are a lot of churches that run college institutions around the world with the right environment and incentives to help you grow into a competent seminary professor. All you need to do is earn your bachelor’s degree, followed by a graduate degree in the relevant field, and you can start your career in one of these institutions as a resource person.


Before you start to find your place in academic, religious and career growth, you need to be certain as to what you want to achieve as a professor. This will help you find an institution that will best serve to make you actualize your dreams.


Even church institutions differ in many ways; therefore, research is always the key.


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