How to Be a Pastor

How to Be a Pastor

If you are wondering how to be a pastor for your church or denomination, a good place to start is with your church or denomination. If you are non-denominational and you feel the call to serve, there are other avenues to take to become a pastor.

Understanding what a pastor does is important before you start your formal education. Pastors are often expected to not only be spiritual leaders but to also provide counseling and help people through rough times.

Different Type of Pastors

There are different types of pastors. There are youth pastors, elderly pastors, recreation pastors and administrative pastors.

As a youth pastor, you will work with the children of the church. Usually youth pastors work with young adolescents from about the age of 8 to the age of 21.

Elderly pastors work with the mature members of the church that may have unique concerns and issues that a specialty pastor can address.

Recreation pastors are in church of making church a fun place to attend and belong to.

Administrative pastors spend their time taking care of the day to day responsibilities of the church they belong to like record keeping.

Getting Started

Getting started in a career as a pastor has different requirements for different denominations but they all require some sort of divinity education.

In general, one must go through training in the form of a college and/or seminary. Aftewards, one typically studies doctrine and gets ordained. After these steps, one then applies to become a pastor of a church. Upon selection by vote of congregation, one can then become a pastor.

Most people feel that if you want to be a pastor there is a calling from God to follow that direction. Depending on the denomination there may be more pastors than churches.

Online Schools

There are online courses you can take to pursue your certification and being ordained. Many churches do recognize online education as being valid, but be sure to do your research.


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