Can I Get an Online Religion Degree?

Where Can I Get an Online Religion Degree?

Gone are the days when the only option one would have was to go to a school campus to get a religion degree. Today, it is possible to obtain a religion degree online at the comfort of your own home. There are many schools that offer online religious studies. A few universities that offer an online religion degree include Florida Tech University Online, Kaplan University, Liberty University, Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University.

In general, religious studies graduates are taught to understand religious institutions and beliefs. Courses cover a variety of doctrines, customs, functions and rituals for all major religions. Students are also taught communication and research and the ability to debate without offending others.  

Online religion degree programs may either focus on teaching religions based on a secular perspective or based on a specific religion. The program which follows the secular approach to teaching religions focuses on areas such as sociology, philosophy, anthropology and history. Some of these religion degree courses focus on comparative religion study that helps the students familiarize themselves with the world’s major religions including Taoism, Confucianism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism. The latter program—the one focusing on a specific religion—is taught and designed by certain religious institutions that promote the teachings of the respective religions they profess.

Many theological seminaries and schools in the United States train and educate students to become rabbis, church ministers and priests. An online religion degree course can serve as an avenue towards a leadership position in the ministry. It can also help one launch a prominent career in theological research, chaplaincy or pastoral ministry. With a religious studies degree, graduates can also become teachers or pursue careers in religious history and literature. Some can even specialize in becoming therapists or public counselors.

Online religion degree programs range from brief instructional seminars to academic degrees. More often than not, online religion degree courses follow a very flexible schedule. Most programs allow the students to finish the degree at their own pace so they do not have to sacrifice their daily routine and schedule. Some religious studies programs provide reading materials free of charge and multimedia easily accessible on their website. In some cases, there may be grants and scholarships available.*


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