Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies

A degree in Christian Studies may be a good academic milestone for a student who wishes to be involved in Christian ministry work. These careers may involve taking up leadership roles, missions and several other church related responsibilities. However, those who take a B.A in Christian Studies do not have to be confined to work for a church. This is because this degree teaches a lot on Christian history and even theology which can be applied in several other careers. There are skills such as cultural diversity analyses, critical thinking, writing and communications which are learned that could complement other lines of work as well.

The coursework involved in a Christian studies degree is usually comprehensive especially in analysis of the bible. Thus, both the Old and New Testament are exhausted during this training. There are several history studies (especially Christian history), as well as sociology, world religions, systematic theology and anthropology*. There will be an emphasis in studying the work of early Christian thinkers as well as the evolution that Christianity has gone through. Thus, before you decide to go for a B.A in Christian Studies, you ought to be sure that this is where your passion lies.

There are several Christian colleges offering training in this course. You could opt for these. Nowadays, there are even universities that have dedicated theology departments for those who wish to learn Christian studies. You may want to choose a renowned institution with proper facilities and instructors, as this will determine the quality of the knowledge you get. At the same time, if you are rather constrained by time or distance, there are several institutions which could offer you such training online. This is indeed a convenient means for you to get your Christian studies degree. However, those who wish for greater interaction with instructors are better off attending Christian colleges if you so choose.

There are several careers that you can take up once you receive this qualification. Some of these include being a pastor or priest. Various denominations have further education requirements before you are allowed to work in such a capacity. Another line of work that people choose after successfully graduating from Christian colleges includes writing Christian materials. There are several people involved in such work and they make a valuable contribution to the lives of Christians. For others, teaching may be the best alternative after finishing off a Christian studies degree.

Some of those who earn a Christian Studies degree may choose to pursue careers in teaching. They may find careers as Directors of Religious Activities and Education. These jobs may be those such as Children’s Ministries Director, Christian Education Director, or Religious Education Director**.

Indeed, there are several other secular careers that people with this training can comfortably venture into. NGO’s today seek people with critical thinking ability and understanding of many people’s cultures. This is especially important in the event that it is a humanitarian organisation.

It is important to determine the line of work that you would wish to pursue even before you get into choosing the right Christian colleges.


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