Earn Your Associate of Arts in Religion

Associate of Arts in Religion

An Associate of Arts in Religion degree is a program that can be completed in two years or less. Schools may offer the entire program online, a combination of online and on-campus or on-campus only. This type of degree can easily transition to a Bachelor of Science in Religion.

The overall premise of an Associate of Arts in Religion degree is to provide an understanding of all the major religions. It has a biblical focus which seeks to provide students with answers to critical questions concerning life. It also examines the relationship with and effects of religion on politics, science, and culture.

An Associate of Arts in Religion degree can be used to apply for several entry level positions including chaplaincy, clergy, social services and missionary work. Other options include jobs in education, local ministries, communication, church administration and business.

Students may be able to transfer credits to the institution they attend. College credit is sometimes given for internships or outside work related to the program.  However, all colleges will require that either a certain number of credits be taken through their school in order to qualify for the degree. A few of the areas covered in this degree include:

·         Biblical Evidence

·         The Pentateuch

·         Israel's History

·         Hermeneutics

·         The Gospels

·         Evangelism

·         Missions

The admissions policy for each school may vary. Earning your Associates of Arts in Religion can be a great way to expand your knowledge and experience. For those interested in this degree program or finding a religion school that fits your needs, please refer to the form on the right at the top of the page.